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What causes or contributes to Psoriasis

About 1-2% of the world population suffer from Psoriasis, where skin sheds so fast, it leads to red patches that can be pretty large and visible. This can greatly influence quality of live.

When your partner suffers from it, you experience that suffering, and would love to help. Research is being done, and there is progress in knowledge, but there is no consensus on what the cause, let alone a solution, could be. On this page i will try to collect what i find: for myself, but maybe others find it usefull to.

I'm not a doctor. Just hoping for a small chance that i might find relations overlooked until now. And i know: be carefull seeing relations that are not there, be aware when searching for relations you are more likely to (wrongfully) find them, be carefull with what source you trust etc.

Many patients are trying lots of possible solutions to see what improves the condition. My wife has used many treatments, "probably all", so yes, tar treatments, salty water treatments etc. As usual, lots of treatments focus on the visible aspect of the 'decease', the skin. But the question is whether the shedding skin is the cause, or part of the result/effect.

My wife read a book about how what you eat could be of possible influence on her condition. This book states that our body gets to process lots of ingredients, some of which are not beneficial. But healthy bodies are able to deal with that, through the liver and kidneys etc. But in some people the normal system has a lower capacity in processing those bad ingredients, and the biggest organ of our body, the skin, starts to 'help'. Resulting in the red patchy skin.

Anyway, my wife currently is in a phase where she is experimenting with food. So only whole wheat bread, no red meat (chicken is o.k.), no bell peppers and related food etc.

I started wondering: if bell peppers (and related foods) could be of influence: what could be the cause? Would there be research on what eating bell peppers does to your body. And there is :-). This article contains info about the level of norepineprhine (NE) being increased, among other effects, when eating bell peppers (it would also help in loosing weigh :-), read the article!). So, like many, i wondered: what is NE? It turns out to be a kind of hormone, with lots of outlets in the body. It basically 'energizes' the body when released, so for instance when you get excited or scared, it prepares the body for the fight of flight response. It 'pokes up' the stove. Very helpfull. But also harmfull: burning more fuel in your cells as to make them able to 'spring into action' also damages those cells. And that damage needs to be repaired.

The wikipedia about NE also talks about the role of that hormone when stresslevels increase. And hey, maybe coincidence, but the expression of the red patches also seem to be affected by stress.

And "its effects when given by intravenous injection of increasing heart rate and force and constricting blood vessels" : well, it happens to be my wife can't touch cold objects without her hands to turn blue, over reacting to cold. Sounds like (over) contracting blood vessels.

I found research stating psoriasis sufferers having increased levels of NE. And this research about the direct effects, in vitro (in a petri dish), of NE on psoriasis skin.

Interesting is that my wife, while searching for what might cause her to burp frequently because of gas, found this website (Dutch) about an influence of constant raised frequency of breathing/chronic hyper ventilation, which my wife thinks she suffers from. 'Funny', as i read NE also raises the frequency of breathing. So another relation?

So, could there be something wrong with the systems related to NE? Is the release of norepinephrine to easily triggered? Is more NE released? Are systems impacted by NE over sensitive and therefor result in 'more effect'?

The article about NE also talks about ways to lower the level of norepinephrine. Would that be something to try? If so, which of the many ways to lower the levels, to try first? Are there any side effects you don't want?

I plan to do some more searching later and edit this page with what i find.

Possible related studies and info:

Image source: Nature.

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