zondag, november 14, 2021

Making sense of the world - about bobos and the creative class

Read a (bit long, be prepared ;-)) piece that helped me make a bit more sense of what is going on in the world. Archiving it here for myself, maybe want to read that again at some point. Yes, it is about the US, so parts will not apply to other continents/economies, but found it interesting nevertheless. And interested to hear what others think if the read it... > https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2021/09/blame-the-bobos-creative-class/619492/ 

dinsdag, november 09, 2021

Solved: "failed to generate sspi context"

At my new employer, i ran into "failed to generate sspi context" a couple of times while connecting to SQL servers. Turns out although Windows offers you to use pincodes etc to sign into your laptop etc, this is not the same as using your password. Are you running into that sspi error? Sign out of Windows, sign in using your password, and try again!

vrijdag, oktober 29, 2021

Tesla production per year

I had a need to see how many Tesla's were produced. So i searched, found a basis and updated the numbers. In case someone else is interested, please find the spreadsheet here. The numbers are not per model: Tesla is reporting the production numbers for S&X combined, as well as for 3&Y combined.

vrijdag, oktober 15, 2021

Windows SD card write protected?

I experienced multiple times weird Windows (even on Windows11) behaviour where for instance it would format the SD card, but still complain afterwards it could not write to the SD card. I Google-d, maar most pages mention the usual fixes that did not work for me. So on this page i plan to archive what works for me; so that i don't have to Google through all the pages that don't work for me, and maybe it will help others ;-).

I found i often could edit the SD (add a file, change a file name) fine on a Macbook. So if you have a (friend with a) Macbook, try that as well! Probably also works with machines running Linux ;-). Hope Microsoft will fix this at some point.  

On https://www.quora.com/How-do-I-fix-my-micro-SD-card-that-became-a-read-only-memory-card/answer/Timothy-Takemoto-1 i found (and make a copy here in case the source at some moment disappears):

"I use SD cards (in readers) as USB hard disks since they are cheaper than USB hard disks. I am religious about using the Windows status bar disconnect thing before removing my SD card/Reader but all the same it sometimes ends up read only.

I used unlocker, http://www.emptyloop.com/unlocker/, to kill all processes connected with my disk.

Then a Free tool from EaseUS (Tool M), https://www.easeus.com/partition-master/fix-cannot-format-usb-flash-drive-error.html, to remove write protection,

Then I formatted the disk twice, first with the above free nagware tool custom disk http://www.authorsoft.com/usb-disk-storage-format-tool.html formatter (“verbose” which takes hours) which did not finish, then secondly with the windows native disk formatter which till I had use the above free tool would crash, so it seems to be a two stage process.

Sometimes the SD card is read only in my USB readers, but writeable from a SD card port on my PC.

The Windows native method mentioned by others does not always work ( Start button> search box >cmd (right click, run as admin) > diskpart > list disk > select disk X > clear disk attributes readonly ), even when the card is in the SD port, in which I can write to it!

I have found that the format tool here which is free nagware http://www.authorsoft.com/usb-disk-storage-format-tool.html has a check function (Correct errors, Scan drive) which may cure the problem without the need for format. It can also format your cards.

Similarly I have found that the free open Testdisk https://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Download has worked in the past - in that just using it allowed me to write again to my disk.

I have sometimes found that toggling the physical write protect switch can cure the problem, and sometimes the contacts get corroded.

If you have to format there are a variety of options that I mention here but they do not always work. I get through about one large SD card a year due to this problem: https://forums.sandisk.com/t5/All-SanDisk-USB-Flash-Drives/How-to-remove-READ-ONLY-option-from-Dual-USB-Drive/m-p/364430#M13197 .

I am inclined to think that Windows is freezing up SD cards, by being more strict without how it tolerates (or does not tolerate) broken file systems since Windows has started selling cloud storage."

dinsdag, september 21, 2021

P1 splitter

Zelf je stroom- en gasverbruik inzien kan op veel manieren, en als je een slimme meter hebt, zul je dan vaak een kabel hebben aangesloten op de zogenaamde P1-poort van je slimme meter. Ik had dat ook, om verbruiksdata te kunnen gebruiken in Home Assistant (wat ik momenteel heb draaien op een Raspberry Pi4).

Maar wat doe je als je je verbruiksdata naar 2 apparaten wil sturen? Je hebt dan eigenlijk 2 P1-poorten nodig. Oftewel: je hebt een splitter nodig, die van je ene P1-poort er 2 maakt. Die splitters zijn er in diverse uitvoeringen, en met uiteenlopende prijzen. Het lastige: met alle mogelijke combinaties van meters en apparaten die je aan de P1-poort hangt, kan het zijn dat de ene splitter wel voor je werkt, en de andere niet.

Als klant van Pure Energie wilde ik mijn verbruiksdata niet alleen naar Home Assistant sturen, maar ook naar de Pure Energie Meter (PEM). Die PEM heeft stroom nodig. Nu levert de slimme meter via de P1-poort (een beetje) stroom. Ik las over P1-splitters, dat sommigen 'een opto-coupler' gebruiken, dat sommigen met een eigen voedingsadapter komen (ik wilde liever niet nog een adapter), dat bij sommige van de 2 poorten er 1 een Master- en de ander een Slave is en over actieve en passieve splitters. En ik dacht: hoe voorkom ik dat ik geld uitgeef en het dan niet werkt?

zondag, juni 07, 2020

EV - and Tesla model 3 - tips & tricks

On this page some info about Tesla Model 3 (M3), but we start with some generic EV info.

  • Cards for EV drivers: if you're Dutch, check out laadpastop10.nl/faq / laadpastop10.nl for what cards to get for charging at non-Tesla locations in the EU.
    • Also check out this blog from 2021 about the best charging card in European countries
  • Best EV app: find the best charge map app for EV drivers per country/area at mostaladda.eu. Btw, also check out A Better Route Planner (ABRP), ChargePrice.app, TezLab and TeslaFi.
  • Home charger: I haven't found a great recent independent comparative video or article about home chargers for my home market (Netherlands). For now, i hope you'll check out the MyEnergi Zappi, especially when you have your own solar panels.
  • Winter pre-charge: to get more mileage in the winter, pre-heat your car before leaving while it is connected and charging, so the pre-heating won't lower your range. More winter driving tips.
  • Save  money while charging smart: energy prices differ during the day, so you can charge extra smart:
    • the app Laadje checks at what time during the day energy prices are the lowest, and will charge your Tesla during those times. In this way you contribute in balancing the grid, and you can save money while doing so!
    • the Jedlix app can help make the most of that, while also helping balancing the energy grid. So check it out, although it works with a limited number of EV brands.
While preparing for delivery & driving a Tesla Model 3 (M3), i learned the following nice features (in general, it's worth checking out the short Tesla video's about the model 3, the Tesla DIY page, the FAQ, the Tesla support page and reading the manual (EU/US), and just checking out all options on the console).

I've created a playlist with video's that contain info to get you started, video's with tips etc. You can skip to the next video in the list when a video is not to your liking:

maandag, december 30, 2019

From OSX (or Windows) to Linux Kubuntu

So i had had it with MacOS (keyboard butterfly problems, Catalina hanging...). Time to try something different. And since most of my colleagues use some Linux flavor, i opted for Kubuntu (at moment of writing v19.10, not on my Mac, on a Dell Latitude 7400).

This blog post contains some of the things i ran into, options i choose etc. For myself, but maybe for others as well.