dinsdag, november 08, 2011

Lie To Me tests

Somebody recently pointed me to the Lie To Me series, which i have since started watching. And i guess many that did watch that series, wondered how they could improve their skills in detecting lies.

The theory used in the series, about micro expressions, was developed by Dr Paul Ekman. A nice page with some links can be found here. Dr Ekman has a website and is selling tests.

I have searched for free online micro expression tests and facial expression tests, and found the following (please leave a reply to this blogpost if you know of other tests):

- a test at Berkeleys Greater Goods

- cio magazine put a test online (press a number, watch the brief micro-expression and match the corresponding word)

- 'Dr Lightman' has his own test online

- as part of their iPhone app, Global Emotion has put a part of its content online for free

- BBC has a test of smiles

- Explore-At-Bristol ("one of the UK's most exciting hands-on science centres") has a test online

- You can be trained in the techniques and an institute doing that has a free online micro expressions test with videos.

But: don't get your hopes up. According to a study by the University of Edinburgh, it's all nonsense.

Dutch: veel mensen die de serie Lie To Me hebben gezien, zullen zich afgevraagd hebben hoe ze hun vaardigheden kunnen verbeteren om leugens (of in het algemeen gezichts-uitdrukkingen) beter te kunnen 'lezen'. De bovenstaande gratis online tests zijn in ieder geval leuke korte oefeningen. Een leuke aanvulling is wellicht deze test waarin je moet proberen leugens te ontmaskeren. Maar volgens dit bericht is het allemaal onzin :-).

In Belgie heeft iemand zijn eigen Micro Expression opleiding opgezet.

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