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iPhone 3GS randomly reboots during call - solutions

I guess now more and more people get to use more Apple products, we get to see it might be user friendly, but it isn't perfect ;-). My iPhone 3GS, which i have for 3 years now, has it's share of random reboots during calls. The problem has come and go, but today it returned again, 3 times within an hour, after having shown it's ugly head some more the last couple of days. So i started looking again whether smart people found a solution.

I found info to replace /System/Library/SystemConfiguration/mobilewatchdog.bundle/ with "mobilewatchdog" from iOS 3.1.2 (you can use iExplore to navigate to the iPhone).

But that seems to only work on iOS 4. Since i have iOS 5, i searched some more and found this solution where /System/Library/Watchdog/MemoryMonitor.bundle is deleted and mobilewatchdog is copied in.

Update apr 2012: i found this solution for reboots on iOS 5.

Update: Since the problem occurs a little random, i don't know how soon i will know whether it works or not :-). But i already had 2 new reboots after doing the above :-). So i think this did not work for me :-). I did a 'install as new iPhone' after which i restored the backup of my iPhone, but within a day, it started rebooting again :-(. So since Dec 30th i did a 'install as new iPhone' again, but without restoring the backup, installing only the apps i REALLY want, and see how that works... As i'm writing this i've already been withour reboots for a couple of days...

Update: decided to try and downgrade to 4.3.5 and see whether the mentioned edit of the mobileWatchDog will prevent my 3GS from rebooting by itself. Found i needed this to edit the hosts-file (as Apple does not allow downgrading) and will try this to still be connected to the devices in my family that are synching with iCloud.
Update: after restore the iPhone would not connect to the network anymore. Tried everything, carrier fix, new carrier settings, new unlock through iTunes ... Nothing. Really love Apple more and more. So back to iOS 5 so i can at least call.

After all the 'install as new' and new jailbreaking, i had problems with iMessage: that would not deliver the messages anymore. Also, i would not get WhatsApp push messages. Found this page, and SAM/SAMPrefs solved that problem!

I have also tried the delete-all-email-accounts-and-add-them-again-trick, but that didn't work either. Just tried saadalsakran suggestion. I also just learned you should check out the log under Settings/General/Info/Diagnose&Use: after my last crash i checked and it showed a 'LowBatteryLog-'-error: now i know my battery wasn't depleted yet, so maybe it is the battery acting up on this model with iOS4/5. Anyway: if the last trick doesn't work i'll try this. Downgrading it to iOS4 or iOS3 isn't a real option as iCloud will not work anymore and we use that to share a family calendar.

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