maandag, januari 19, 2004

Update: January 25th 2004.

I received the xecuter-stand-alone programmer. Hooked it up: no communication. Looked on the Web to find help. Found a great tutorial, but also lot of people having lots of problems. Several suggestions: try different LPT-port-settings in the BIOS (normal/PSS/ECP/EPP/ECP+EPP), try different PC's, try different OS's, try looking at the solder-points on the programmer. All and all i have spent about 14 hours trying to get the thing to work, but all the apps i have tried (x2cable, x2pro, x2bmv2, winlpc etc) don't communicate and come up with errors. Pretty hopeless :-(.
Yesterday i blew my XBOX. Well, not literally, but i flashed my Xecuter2 Lite and after that the XBOX wouldn't boot anymore :-).

Here's what happened: i accidentally installed XBOX Live. After this, the XBOX did not boot to my EvoX-menu anymore :-). But i had an boot-DVD with EvoX, so booted from that, FTP-ed in and i was able to install a new EvoX-menu which made the XBOX so, it would boot to EvoX-menu again. Great. But my XBOX would not play DVD-movies anymore: i had to boot Gentoox (GREAT thing), and run the DVD through Xine (which worked great :-)). So i needed to fix the DVD-playing.

I thought: why not go a little further: i looked around for a new BIOS for my Xecuter, opened the XBOX, made the Xecuter flashable by removing the right switch, put the box together again and did my first flash. Booted the XBOX: still worked :-). But no DVD-movies :-). I played around a little by inserting my own image in the EvoX-skin (which is just putting a JPG in the right directory ;-)) and by looking around the scene, i read about SlaYerS ISO, which is supposed to be an easy way to upgrade popular XBOX-apps. So gave that a try, hoping it would fix my DVD-problem. I got the SlaYers-DVD ISO running and updated all apps. Before rebooting the XBOX i thought: lets flash the Xecuter with the SlaYers-provided BIOS, which might be better than the one i used. Booted my XBOX and .... it locked up during startup.

So now i've just ordered a stand-alone Xecuter flashing device in England and awaiting arrival, hoping it will allow me to flash my Xecuter with the right BIOS which will make my XBOX boot again :-)...

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