maandag, februari 16, 2004

O.k., about my XBOX. I first turned to a XBOX-mod-guy in the Netherlands, Fortek: i was hoping he could revive my Xecuter 2 Lite. When i arrived, he did not recognize the Xecuter: he was used to later models. But he would try to revive the chip: i had to come back 45 minutes later. So i did. He said he was unable to do anything with the chip.

When returning home, i found a new Xecuter 2.3 Lite had arrived. I opened my XBOX, installed the 2.3 and yep: a working XBOX again :-)! A couple of days later i decided to do a hot-swap: i booted my XBOX with my new chip and while running, i removed the the Xecuter 2.3 and plugged in the Xecuter 2.1, choose Flash-Bios from the menu and .... the Xecuter 2.1 got revived!!! So now i have 2 chips :-)...

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