zaterdag, februari 06, 2016

Flat TV's lag in gaming

A tune used in a commercial made my wife an me think of this great dancing game we played many years ago on our PC, Disney Jungle Book Groove Party:

Christmas was around the corner, and seeing that sparkle in the eyes of my wife when thinking back of the game, i decided to try and find that game again. I was able to find an ISO image of the PC version. But i would need a dance mat, and i couldn't find it. Maybe a generic dance mat would work. I had an old PC, but would need to get a screen. And find out on what OS the game would run. And speakers...

But while searching i also found there was a version for the Playstation 2, and there was a second hand PS2 with dance mat. So i decided that was a better deal, adding the ability to use the PS2 for other games, DVDs and a PS2 boots faster than an old PC.

So i hooked up the PS2 to our Samsung UE46H7000 flatscreen, only to find out the music was out of sync with the dance mat: you would need to hit the buttons just a little sooner than the beat would suggest. That was no fun. What could be wrong? Was the PS2 to blame? Did this 2nd hand system have a defect?

I searched internet and found it might have to do with ... the new TV. Those new TV's do a lot of image processing, trying to improve the image. That takes time. Normally you don't notice, but with this time sensitive input, you did.

I had an old CRT TV laying around. I decided to buy a "SpeedLink RFU Adapter" that converts the signal of the PS2 to a coax cable (the old CRT only had coax). When i hooked the PS2 up to this TV and tried the game, it was as it was meant: hitting the buttons on the beat would earn perfect points.

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