vrijdag, augustus 05, 2011

Windows7 slow on Mac OSX? Solved!

(Dutch below / Nederlandse versie onder de Engelse)
I have a MacBook Pro, Intel 2Ghz Core I7 with 4 GB memory. I had used Parallels (i have used several versions, now at version 6) before to run Windows applications (once and a while). I used Windows XP without problems. But when i tried Windows 7, my Macbook came to a halt, slowly crawling, basically useless. Searching the internet and trying, what finally worked for me is the following configuration for the virtual machine:

Under General Tab:
- 1 CPU
- 1 GB memory

Under Options/Optimization:
- Performance: Faster virtual machine
- Enable Adaptive Hypervisor: enabled
- Tune Windows for Speed: enabled
- Power: Better performance
- Free Space: Automatically compress..: enabled

Under Options/Coherence:
- Disable Windows Aero: enabled
(rest disabled)

Before this, i gave Windows 7 more memory and more CPU, which led to problems.

(Dutch below)
Op mijn MacBook Pro, een Intel 2 Ghz met 4GB ram, was Windows7 op Parallels (6) onwerkbaar traag. Ik had Windows7 2GB Ram gegeven, en geƫxperimenteerd met 1 en 2 CPU's, maar als ik dan Windows 7 startte, werd zowel Windows7 als mijn OSX onwerkbaar traag. Het gebeurde wel, maar je moest wel minuten lang wachten op dingen die normaal in 1 of enkele seconden gebeurden.

Nadat ik de virtuele PC had ingesteld met de bovengenoemde parameters, werd Parallels met Windows7 echter prima bruikbaar op mijn Mac...

Update (same day): as this blogpost got posted on my Facebook-page, some friends mentioned using VMWare Fusion and (free) VirtualBox. All 3 have their (dis)advantages. A recent test i found.

Afbeeldingsbron / imagesource: cweitguy.com (check it out :-)!)

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