zaterdag, februari 13, 2010

Aardvark: better than Google, Bing etc?

What is better than a machine search? A talk to experts. But where to find experts on a subject? How to make sure a couple of experts don't get swamped by lots of questions?

Well, Aardvark tries to tackle that question. We're all experts on a certain subject. And all have questions on other subjects. What if you could ask a question and experts got that question and one or more answer that question? Would be valuable! And in return, you state what you're knowledgable in, so you can help someone who has a question on a subject you're knowledgable in. He, maybe by answering questions you learn more of it yourself.

I gave Aardvark a shot. My question:

"Are there any hotels in Preveza Greece where a family of four can stay for less than $160 a night on July 23 till July 25th?"

I had searched the internet some hours, in English, as i don't know Greek. Well, Aardvark found someone in the States, from Greece, and he was so kind to do a search in Greek, and found hotels i didn't find while searching in English.

Give Aardvark a try !

(I know (Willem ;-)) Google bought Aardvark. With Aardvark being better than Google i meant Aarvark being better than Google Search :-). And i mean, in certain cases, augmenting the Google Search :-))

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