zondag, november 15, 2009

Homebrew Wii and banned Xbox360

Today i found out my Xbox 360 is banned. Apparently there is software on it, Microsoft does not condone. Also, this weekend i fiddled around with some Wii homebrew.

On the Xbox 360: if your xbox is banned, you can't use Xbox Live anymore. I read a lot, and found out for now, the only option is to buy a new Xbox (so no unbanning options). Well, that's not going to happen. So i will think about it, and am currently checking out Xlink Kai: it's an alternative for Xbox Live. And with a million xbox's banned, a lot more people might start using that solution. Haven't had time to get it up and running (my son is playing the xbox with a friend), but will report back when i've had the time.

On the Wii: read about hackmii, wehackwii, bootmii and bannerbomb: used the latter to install the Homebrew-channel (HBC) on the Wii. Installed several apps, like Karaokii (cool, added a couple of songs), FTPii (so i don't have to plug/unplug the SD-card all the time), Mame (want to see Pacman, Galaga and Amidar; haven't been able to have Mame find the rom's yet), Space invaders (funny) and tried to get the Wii read DVDs (play normal movies). For the latter i tried mPlayer CE, but i seem to have to install some more software (still reading up on what to install how). Why would i want the Wii to play DVDs? Just to see it work, and, the Wii uses the fewest power of DVD-playing devices we currently have. Maybe i need to install Firmware updater and/or StartPatch, but i don't know, so i've emailed the people at Bootmii. While fiddling around, i turned HBC upside down, and fixed it. The CompleteSoftmodGuide is a nice start to.

So basically lost some time, but gained some knowledge ;-).

Image source: mywii.com.au.

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