dinsdag, augustus 04, 2009

Sync iphone with Google calendar

I've had this question myself, seen it a couple of times from others and it took me some searching before finding the answer. So if your interested in syncing your iphone 3gs, 3g or even the older ones with Google Calendar, or even Apple iCal, have a look at the sync information at Google and the collaborate information at Google.

Update October 8th: i've set up my macbook pro syncing with MobileMe, and with my iPhone. Now i would also like my calendar to show up in Google Calendar, or better, being able to 2-way sync, so i can update both my iphone as well as Google Calendar and have the change show up on the other devices. Am i asking to much? So far, i have looked at BusySync, Goosync, Calgoo Connect, Google CalDAV and Spanning Sync. Haven't found THE solution yet...

This post mentions others i've read (or not) about: SyncMyCal, gSyncit, GCALDaemon, Plaxo, GCalSync, GMobileSync, OggSync ... And this site lists an impressive list of web based calendar (sync) sites, like ScheduleWord.

Update okt 2011: i guess going with Google Calendar instead of the Apple iCal calendars is a good solution. And i found this solution on how to make Google Calendar show your contacts birthday in your calendar.

Update dec 2012: replaced my iPhone with a Samsung Galaxy S III. Using CalDav and CardDav to sync my wives iCloud calendars and contacts with my Android.

(Image source: mac101.net)

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