vrijdag, juli 31, 2009

Console 3.0 - Gaming Web 3.0...

Those game consoles cost a lot. Or what about needing to spend money on games or software that you have trouble installing on your PC, or what about when you use Linux or Apple OSX and you want to play a Windows-only game, or when the software isn't as good as you thought etc? What if you could play games or use software, even stuff like Photoshop, via only your browser?

That, known as Game Streaming, is what some people are working on, and as you can see below, it already looks promising. No idea what bandwidth is required. And no idea if some games where fast responses are of the essence already work like that, but if we can replace the large category that does not need that sub 10 millisecond responsetimes, that would be great! I wonder what the pricing (pay per use? Pay per month etc) will be.

Besides Gaikai, there is also OnLive:

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