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M3i DSi NDS problems and solutions

I bought a M3i for my daughters DSi. After my daughter updated to NDS 1.4, not knowing that would block the M3i, the M3i stopped working / was blocked by the Nintendo update. But the M3 team published an update, which worked.

What i found:

I used a M3 card before on a DS. I had some game files on that card. Since i wanted to use those game files on the DSi, I copied those files to the SD card which i use on the M3i zero. But the M3i zero / Sakura did not recognize those files: instead of a particular game icon, they had some generic icon. Only after downloading the game files again and placing them on the m3i sd, they were identified as game files. My conclusion: the m3 system manager i used on the game files to make them work on the previous M3 card, somehow changed the NDS-files in a way the m3i did not recognize them as game files anymore

I tried the Timer-application which comes with the m3i-files (in the M3i-menu you press SELECT, and under the ACCESSOIRES-tab in the launch menu you find the Timer application). After seeing what the application was, i switched the DSi off and back on, launched the M3i again and got an error: "an error has occured. Press and hold the POWER Button to turn the system off. Please refer to the Nintendo DSI Operations Manual for details". I found out the Timer-app put a file MORNING.DAT on the root of the SD: once i deleted that file, i was able to boot Sakura again. I ran into the error before with the M3i, and also found some (hidden) files in the root: it seems as though there should be no other files than the F_core-file.

I pre-ordered the M3i before it was available on the market, so i assume i have one of the first units / batches. When i follow the procedure to flash the M3i, i sometimes have problems flashing it: the LED flashes irregularly and doesn't stop flashing. I need to bend the M3 a little, to make the LED flash in a constant slow frequency and have it stop flashing after about 30 seconds to indicate it is ready. So if you have problem flashing: apply a little force on the M3i card and see whether that makes the LED flash steady, indicating a proper flash.

Any questions or suggestions? Reply to this post or contact me.

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  1. Really very useful post for me thanks for sharing this information.........

  2. I have been looking for best brands available for m3i zero sakura.So,can U suggest some of these?

  3. @Danny: don't know whether i understand your question. Or is it that you just want to leave a link to your store :-)?

  4. I have been looking for best brands available for m3i zero sakura.So,can U suggest some of these?

  5. My M3i Zero is not wokring. I have followed the procedure exactly as on many sites. I put the card in the DSi it comes up with an icon "Chessmaster" when I press it it comes up with an error saying turn power off. Could you help with this? Thanks

  6. Did the card work at any time? If yes: what happened just before it stopped working.
    Did you try using the card in another DS?
    What version firmware is your DSi one? (Click SETTING (with the Tool Icon) on the main menu > Check the right hand corner of the top screen which says VER x.y). If you update your DSi, depending on the version of the M3-software, the DSi might be blocking the M3, see for instance recent info at (i don't know whether a fix already exists for the M3, but basically you don't want to update your console software when you want access via solutions like the M3, unless you know a new version works with your M3)... I hope this helps.