woensdag, oktober 08, 2008

Stop worrying ... go to sleep ... Problems will go away!

Some people see me as a pessimist. Because i talk about the upcoming oil shortage and think it might drastically change the world. And because i relocated as i think the Netherlands might experience another big flooding in the next couple of decades (i hope it doesn't occur, and hope it isn't a matter of within a decade) because of global warming > melting arctics > rising sea levels (you're a sceptic?). And i don't stop worrying there: i also worry about fresh water shortage... I'm glad i'm not the only one. Have a look. Then you know! In this timeframe it's not done for many people to think there are things we and our technology can't fix. In hindsight we'll know whether i was a pessimist, a realist or an optimist.

Oh, and for the people saying / thinking wind energy is the solution: this engineer says it is all a myth! And this study says it all depends.

On the other hand there are scientist that say the global warming (and cooling) has been around for centuries, and is nothing new.

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