dinsdag, april 15, 2008

Played Golf for the 1st time & met great magician

A business contact of mine organizes a yearly special day for relations. This time he organised a golf clinic followed by a show from magician George Parker. I decided to pay the small attendance fee and play golf for the 1st time. Yes, i did what i guess most first timers do: try to hit that golf ball with as much power as you can, but learned this results in uncontrolled movements & holes in the ground ;-). So i decided to listen to the coach, adjusted my style and actually managed to move some balls. Other lessons i learned: speed is more important than direction (you want to get the ball as close to the hole as possible) and you better hit the ball to hard than to soft as with the 1st you stand a chance it actually will go down the hole :-)).

After the clinic George Parker performed his very nice show. Definitely worth considering if you're looking for someone special to appear during an event.

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