zondag, november 11, 2007

SMS muur

Willem Karssenberg blogs about this SMS-wall: an application you can run on a pc and have people SMS a text to. Possible applications: you're doing a presentation and have people from within (seems strange, but maybe the fact it's anonymous is nice?) or outside the room you're in ask questions, add information or whatever. Or what about using this in the classroom and have kids sms (anonymous?) text about a subject, like being in love, about safe internet etc.

About the picture accompanying this blogitem: my daughter asks me "is that the Chinese wall? I read in the National Geographic Jr you can see it from space/the moon!". Well, she does read that magazine, but it might be she didn't read it there, although she often is right ;-). So i searched the internet and found this article stating Google Earth shows you, you need to seem in pretty far before being able to see this famous wall.
and found this article

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