zondag, november 11, 2007

Life after oil

What's with the image? It is the oil-peak in human history. The time we are, and will be, using oil, is just a thin line in our history. Sure, gas prizes have been rising, but they'll come down, right? Maybe not. Just found lifeaftertheoilcrash.net . "Sure", some will say, "another one of those doomsday websites". And as soon as the gas prizes lower a couple of cents, for whatever reason, those people will use it as proof; "we will be using oil for a long time". Apart from staggering evidence, the site also includes a section "How do I know this isn't just fear mongering by loony-environmentalists and 'the end is nigh' types?" :-). The site comes with loads of proof; just one snippet that i think says enough: "Crude oil prices have doubled since 2001, but oil companies have increased their budgets for exploring new oil fields by only a small fraction. Likewise, U.S. refineries are working close to capacity, yet no new refinery has been constructed since 1976. And oil tankers are fully booked, but outdated ships are being decommissioned faster than new ones are being built".

I'm afraid the author of the site is right. The western economies have been using the better part of the oil reserve. Upcoming economies have all the right to take that last piece of the cake! And it will be gone in no time. The website claims "that the aftermath of Peak Oil will extend far beyond how much you will pay for gas". If you take the time to scan the proof the site supplies, it is hard to disbelieve. We don't want to believe. We are hoping for this miracle technology. Or assume it won't be that bad. Sure, we will not be able to stop it from happening, but knowing what might be coming, enables you to prepare.

The site not only deals with stuff like alternatives to oil, but also hints on what you could do to prepare. No positive news here, not something you want to hear. Is not believing this, being the ostrich?

The site states stocks will become worthless. What happens if stocks are part of your mortgage? What will be valuable in the long run? Will it be like in the middle ages, will gold be the most valuable and easiest to take with you & trade with? Lots of questions... And that all besides worries about global warming.

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