zaterdag, september 01, 2007

Unlocking an iPhone: that would be nice, as it is currently only sold in combination with a rather expensive serviceplan. So i hope any initiative, like the one by Uniquephones/ and, succeeds, as the iPhone IS definitely a great device.

Update Sept12: iPhoneSIMfree has started selling their solution for $50, and iPhone Dev Team has a free solution, iUnlock.

Update Sept14: you might also want to read this BusinessWeek-article about the (missing?) features of an unlocked iPhone.

Update Sept29th: better check the latest info on hacks & updates: if you don't, an Apple-update might brick your iPhone ;-)

Update Sept29th: not related to hacking an iPhone, but i decided to put this info with this iPhone-item ;-): i think this list of 15 things Apple should fix in iPhone 2.0 pretty much sums up what would be nice if Apple would fix it.

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