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Webbased Project Management

Updated June 2015.

Sometimes you're in need of a project management tool while not having access to Microsoft project. An alternative would be nice, preferably free (and/or open source).

Through this thread i found the following possibilities: Open Workbench (former ABT Workbench), Ganttproject, Faces, Basecamp, OpenProj and GoPlan.

I haven't tested them myself yet, but decided to save this list for the next moment i AM looking for such a tool, and for anybody elses :-). Please let me know if you tried some of these...

For people not looking for web-based software, ProjectLibre is an open source MS Project alternative. A great site when looking for alternatives is alternativeto.net, which also has a section on MS Project.

Update 03/2008: this ReadWriteWeb-article mentions Liquid Planner and Clarizen. Update sept 2010: Clarizen comes out as the best in this Top Ten Review - tests of non-free online planning tools.

Update 06/2009: found out about Thymer and AceProject.

Update 11/2009: a simple but nice looking planner: Tom's Planner.

Check out the Wikipedia-list of collaboration tools as well... You might want to read this short article on web based project mgt.

Update Jan 2010: ClockingIt looks nice to: pitched as a way to keep track of the hours you spend, but with a Gantt chart option that looks really nice:

Update Jun 2010: i read about Gantter (feb 2013: the only free online project planning tool i could find with which you can produce a Gannt chart with possibility to specify dependencies between tasks, like predecessors):

Update Aug 14 2010: Gantto has entered the ring :-). Nov 2011: Asana is another task-/project-management environment. May 2012: iDoneThis might be worth a look when you want to dispense tasks and easily remind people of their planned work (automatic emails!) (Dutch article about iDoneThis).

Update June 2012: Interstate is another 'web based projectmanagement tool'. And Wrike is another, now available through a freemium model.

Update nov 2012: Smartsheet looks nice to.

Update jun 2015: More tools? This is a nice list.

Image source: Wikipedia.

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