zondag, juli 08, 2007

Super videoconverter

The (for now) ultimate free video and audio format converter? SUPER seems to do quite a lot, and with a nice interface. I was looking for a utility to convert x264 to xvid or divx. I found lots of info on how to take lots of steps to accomplish this. Then i found SUPER. You select the desired output options, drag & drop the input-file, click Encode and .... voila. Output-options include formats like Nintendo DS, PSP, PS3, Zune, iPod, FLV, VOB, MPG, MP4, GP3, AVI (including Divx and Xvid-codecs), MOV ... oh, and yeah, WMV and WMA ;-). The first time i used it, to convert a digital HD movie, it crashed, but i don't yet delete it. I read about this online app that converts lots of formats: mediaconverter; it even does eps and ps files, amongst many others.

Update April 22nd 2009: a friend of mine wanted to convert Flash flv movies to avi / wmv. I looked around for him. Vixy.net can do something online. Other options are VLC (VideoLAN) and FFMpeg.

Update nov 2010: FreewareGenius states Freemake Video Converter is a favorite to convert video.

By the way: if you're interested in recording info from lots of sources, including cable and video, and playing it back on lots of devices like tv, ipod etc, have a look at the Neuros OSD!

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