dinsdag, januari 10, 2006

Online Office alternatives

Online Office ... i guess if we look for components, we can already put together an online web based Office-suite. Like JotSpot Tracker or Google spreadsheet for spreadsheets, Writely for word processing etc. Thumbstacks or S5 to create presentations and slides (web based alternatives for Powerpoint).

Update april 26th 2006: what about this ThinkFree/Freethink online office with storage? Or the Ajax-suite of online applications.

Update june 8th 2006: an online Visio: Gliffy.

Update October 10th 2006: another virtual online Office-suite: Zoho.

Update October 11th 2006: this nice Cnet-article with the title 'Complete Office 2.0 demo rundown' covers handy online apps such as Wufoo, Smartsheet, Trovix, FreshBooks, Approver, Vyew, Caspio, Synthasite, SiteKreator, Preezo, Koral, TechDirt, Etelos en SystemOne.

Update november 7th 2006: use Cumulate Draw to create some flow diagrams.

Update aug 2008: read about a site that is said to track all developments, i assume they'll also mention eXpresso.

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