zaterdag, januari 03, 2004

(updated February 23rd 2004)
I'm currently looking for a new mobile phone. Apart from making phone calls, i want it to be my PDA and need it to sync with Outlook, and preferably PIM-software in general (we need choice and freedom and therefor i promote Open Source Software > go Linux!, go Evolution! etc). I learned to watch for SyncML-support, so the thing will sync with all open environments. A tough point: go for a small device, or one with a larger screen (for internet-HTML-viewing) and reasonable input possibilities (handwriting recognition or the like). I also want it to support Bluetooth, so i can use a wireless headset with it. And a camera would be nice...

I'm currently looking at the

- Siemens SX1 (nice, but no full internet/small screen? and a little expensive?),
- the Orange SPV E200 (looks great > limited battery live?),
- the Sony Ericsson T610 (probably best price/performance for a mobile with PDA-functionality),
- Sony Ericsson P900 (looks to have it all, but most expensive :-)) and the
- QTEC 2020: this is a PDA with bluetooth and a phone. But 750 euro's :-(. A Dutch article about it can be found here.

(great tests and reviews can be found here (German) and here (for the SPV, English))

Great sites to compare phones: US/UK, NL.

I also found:
- the Sendo X;
- the Voq;
- the xPhone;
- the the Nokia 7700. A little big, and strange, but it 'has it all', including a 640x480 touchscreen!;
- the Blackberry 7230;
- the iPAQ h6300;
- the Toshiba e800 (PDA with 640x480-display and WiFi);
- the Motorola A630? (a rumour, but a nice one);
- Nokia anounced the Communicator 9500... Nice big screen ... But big device, and expensive?

It seems there will be quite some developments in that field; typically a situation in which you want to wait for the next best thing, and with that, don't ever making a choice. Please mail me suggestions :-)...

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