dinsdag, december 15, 2015

Samsung Gear VR - video problem

So i bought a Samsung Gear VR. Great product. I especially like the Oculus Social app: you can be in a virtual room with 4 others, enjoy a big screen together (no live sport events yet :-)), look at each other's avatar and talk (like in: real talk, speech)... Have a look:

Anyway at some point i fiddled with my Samsung Galaxy S6, and flashed a Unikernel. After that, i had video problems with my Gear VR: when i inserted the S6 into the GearVR, i would see some greenish video flicker, that after some seconds would turn into a black screen. And then nothing. At some point it worked, but most of the time it would not.

The solution for me seemed to be to flash the adam kernel. After this, the Gear VR worked again as expected.

I read lots of thread about whether certain ROMs work, whether Gear VR works with root, and that all might play a role, but my rooted phone with adam kernel works.

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