woensdag, augustus 26, 2015

LMS Eval Checklist (cache/copy)

In 2014 and 2015 i was involved in a tender for a Learning Management System. In that role, i came across a 'checklist' made by the university of Toronto, the so called "Toronto LMS Eval Checklist".

In early 2013 people from the University of Toronto (ACT@UofT, http://uoft.me/act ) set out to find some LMS evaluation tools and checklists they could use to assess Open Course / MOOC platforms. They found several good ones. They combined them into this single checklist of about 250 items, and they decided to give it back to the community for others who might find it helpful. It was shared with a CC-Share freely license on it, adding "but you don't really have to attribute it".

It was online for some time, but at some point, i found out the link was broken. I've tried to contact the university, but haven't received a reply. Since i think more people are looking for this file, i decided to bring this copy online. The sheet has 3 worksheets, 2 of which contain links to related info.

By the way: in my role, i also came across a tender published by HEAnet in Ireland. They also shared their list of requirements (all HEAnet LMS tender documents can be found here). Which we translated to Dutch.

Imagesource: HRpayrollsystems.

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