donderdag, februari 26, 2015

SOLVED: OneDrive for Mac crashing / not synching

I have had two problems with OneDrive on my Mac (Yosemite) the last couple of months:
  • not synching
  • crashing
Microsoft has a page with common problems and solutions, but non of those fixed my problems.
At some moment i found a solution where you need to delete a .dat file, as described here . Steps:
  • Completely close/quit OneDrive
  • Browse to ~/Library/Containers/ Support/SkyDrive/settings
  • Delete the .dat-file in that folder (something like E9679F3BFD15F317.dat)
  • Start OneDrive - hopefully it doesn't crash and syncs anything not synched before
Not what you want, but until a better solution comes along, at least you can get OneDrive to work again ;-).

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