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Use an iPad as field monitor with your DSLR

(Dutch below/Nederlands hieronder)A colleague of mine asked whether i knew of a solution so his wife, a photographer, could use her iPad to live preview anything she shoots with her photo camera (i understand this is called a 'field monitor' function), in her case a Nikon 7D/7000. It would need to be VERY easy: she would take a picture on/with her HDSLR and the picture should automagically transfer effortlessly to the iPad for viewing.

I searched the internet and found the following:

  • eventually i found the Eye-Fi. According to the info on this page, it would be as simple as using this wifi enabled SD memory card in your camera, take a picture and it would transmit to your tablet (or any WiFi equipped device for that matter). This video shows how it works:
  • before finding out Eye-Fi in 2011 released a card that could connect to WiFi-devices directly, i read about this solution where a guy uses a portable router to create a WiFi network in the field:
  • there is a professional grade solution in the form of the Teradek Cube
  • while searching i read about DSLR-controller. At the time of writing this does not work with an iPad though. But for Android users (tablets and smartphones) DSLR-controller might be worth looking at
  • during the CES 2012 Toshiba announced it would start selling a two way WiFi SD card based on the SDIO spec. Whether that would deliver similar functionality as the latest Eye-Fi, i do not know
  • the Nikon D4 officially supports the iPad as field monitor and remote control, HTML based
  • a less wireless and more manual solution is by using the Apple Camera Connection Kit as described in this article.
  • And there are plenty solutions where you use a computer in between your camera and a tablet, like this video shows
So no need for HDMI to USB convertors: it looks the Eye-Fi would do what my colleague wants. Since i don't want to spend the money and don't have the need myself, i can't tell from my own experience this works, but the info seems credible.

Dutch/Nederlands: Een collega vroeg me of er een oplossing was om de iPad te gebruiken als scherm in combinatie met een digitaal fototoestel zoals een Nikon; dan kun je op een groter scherm je foto beoordelen, was de bedoeling

Ik zocht, en de mooiste oplossing die ik vond is waarbij je gebruik maakt van Eye-Fi-kaartje (dat is een SD-opslag-met-Wifi-mogelijkheid). Een filmpje:

En hier meer info. Ik vond ook nog andere oplossingen, ook voor Android: de links naar die info vind je in de engelstalige tekst hierboven :-).

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