vrijdag, januari 22, 2010

I use Bing because...

I was looking for a way to watch Youtube-video's on my iPhone while travelling. Now, sure, i can watch it streaming while 3G is available, but during my train transit, 3G is often not available. Or the video is to long and i want to save my battery by not using 3G all the time.

Anyway, there i was, Googl-ing for a way to download Youtube videos. And it struck me there wasn't a respectable URL in the search results. And i'm known for my search skills (online that is, my wife beggs to differ IRL ;-)).

And then it struck me. Youtube is owned by Google. Google does not want you to download Youtube-videos. So maybe they are filtering search results?

I have no idea whether Google actually is, but next time you're searching for something that might not be in the best interest of Google, you might want to check with the competition. Wouldn't it be great to learn they are doing their best to give you the best results, particularly in searches that hurt the competition ;-)?

And maybe it works the other way around as well ;-). Isn't competition great :-)?!

O, by the way: to download streaming video from youtube, i currently use pwnyoutube.com, and i found a nice firefox add-on. Zamzar.com is another option.

Image source: UberGizmo.http://www.ubergizmo.com/

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