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Online storage: lots of choice, what to pick?

For our small company, we're looking for a place to store our knowledge: templates, links etc. What i think we need in that solution:

- online accessible - so work with it any place, anywhere
- secured - we only want to access it ourselves, not share it with the world or the hosting party
- fast - uploads, downloads, search ... it needs to be snappy
- full-text-search on popular formats (although not everybody in the team thinks this is a necessity :-))
- easy upload - it needs to be fast, only a few clicks
- support tagging - i really think that's part of making content easier to find (again, not everybody in the team think we need this).

After some searching, i found Uhuroo , which looks promising. There are plugins for Firefox and Outlook, for better use and integration with Uhuroo. It supports ranking and discussing documents. You can upload using email.

Trying to find a comparetive review of this kind of platforms, i found zip, nothing. So i have no idea what possible contenders are, and whether Uhuroo is anywhere near a leader spot in this place.

I also ran into Docq. And then there are the Scribd's of this world, or document management solutions...

@albertschot mentioned SharePoint: now, i really think that platform has possibilities. But i also think it might be a little too much for our needs. We would need it in a hosted solution (which is available). But: 3 of our people use Mac OSX, and i wonder how well SharePoint acts with those clients. Further: although i've heard a lot about companies starting with SharePoint, i know way fewer success stories, so maybe it's: a lot of Microsoft PR, lots of ICT suppliers pushing the platform, and lots of customers assuming the platform will be great, but in the end, it might not meet expectations, be expensive to implement etc?

@WoudenbergWM mentioned Humyo. That looks nice, but i nowhere see it does full-text search (i need Google grade search at least) or tagging.

David from online RPG Arindal gave me a link to Dropbox. This seems a file-sync solutions, so i wonder how that works when several people all want to use the same shared set of content. It seems less of a 'put your content on the web/in the cloud'-solution, where the files are not stored locally anymore.

And my colleagues think to solve our need with MobileMe.

Anybody with other solutions, please let me know :-).

PS While searching, i came across this page. It's a little dated, but still a nice overview of all the available cloud/SaaS-solutions.

Update Jan 2010: found some sites useful when you're looking for online storage: a test by TomsHardware , a list from TopTenReviews , a ConsumerSearch doc and a site that seems to follow this stuff as well at Nolreviews . I have taken a business account (for test purposes) at Box.net, as that says to offer full text search capability. I even found a link to Google Storage.

Another nice site is Alternative to.

And a client to tap into lots of storage solutions is Gladinet.

Update feb 2010: just learned about this great list of online collaboration tools. And this top 10 list of tools to collaborate.

Update may 2011: Windows Live Mesh seems to come on strong, so you might want to check out whether it's features suit you.

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