woensdag, oktober 14, 2009

Jailbreak 3.1.2

After trying a jailbreak of my iPhone 3GS a couple of months ago, and wondering why i did it, having the idea my iPhone got slower and restoring back to an official firmware, i again decided to check out what a jailbreak would bring me.

Wondering whether or why you would want to jailbreak your iphone? Read this.

After Google-ing a lot, and restoring the iPhone many times, running into errors etc, at the end of my journey i knew what i should have known at the start. So hoping i can make somebody else's live a little easier:

- about jailbreaking an iPhone with 3.1.2
- or the alternative (maybe easier) tool: blackra1n
- and when you run into 1604 or other 160x errors: how to fix those. And when you run into needing Libusb.pkg while doing that, find it here or here
- how you can change your startup screen
- and for people wanting to put program files on the iphone, here's how that can be done.

Image: hackthatphone.com.

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