woensdag, juni 24, 2009

Extreme optical illusion

It's a coincidence i blog about reliability of our observation skills twice in a row. Via Twitter i just read about this unbelievable optical illusion.

It really looks there is both green and blue in this picture. It is said both what most people see as blue and green in the picture, is actual the same color! I could not believe this. I went to an online picture edit tool, Splashup. You can load the picture in there by url, and use the Eyedropper tool in the right lower corner of the toolbar (the vertical bar on the left of the screen) to point to any pixel in the picture. On the right, you will be shown the color value. And it is true: even while your brain says you're seeing 2 different colors, the tool shows you it really is one! Unbelievable!

A friend reminded me of another good one with 2 images in 1, where depending on the distance you look at it, you see either the first or second image. Or this one, where a girl is revolving (Dutch, over hersens), and you can either see her turn left, right or (some people) both ways (which is supposed to say something about your brain).

See the comments for at least one (maybe over time more will follow, but i won't update this post, and you can google/search for more ;-)) other website with a collection of optical illusions.

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