dinsdag, juni 09, 2009

Badoo sucks / evil / spam

Received an email from a friend that he left a message on networking site Badoo. Clicked the link, had to sign up. K, knowing this friend i did. Only to find out there was no message from this friend. Contacted him: he did not willingly invite me. So i conclude: Badoo is evil. They are spamming, abusing your contact lists. Ignore them! The name itself says it: BAD oo...

Image source: www.scuolacrazy.it/scgoogle/index.htm .

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Anoniem6:52 a.m.

    someone shall sue them, this is like troyan.

    1. Anoniem8:50 p.m.

      I agree.My friend deleted his badoo account.But suddenly his profile was on badoo again,he didn't know.I got message from someone:you send me a message;i didn't send message at all.These kind of things causes a lot of trouble between people who love each other.I deleted my badoo account,and will NEVER sign in again.I found my special guy already.

  2. Sehar Afshan612:46 a.m.

    very bad site every one talk cheap

  3. 2bdefacto11:28 a.m.

    The same thing happened to me. Got an email that an old friend had a message for me on Badoo. I signed up, never had a message waiting for me but since then been plagued with "singles" emails.