vrijdag, mei 15, 2009

Convert paper sheet into giant iPhone

Augmented Reality is cool stuff and it's developing fast. What about the possibility to take any object from the growing SketchUp library and use it as an AR object with this SketchUp plugin?

The steps in order to test this yourself are simple (and free ;-)):

1) download & install SketchUp
2) download & install the AR plugin (it's a free trial that lets you watch 30 seconds, but that's enough to play with it ;-))
3) print the sheet with the marker (you find it in the AR plugin download)
4) find a model in the library, like the Colosseum, the space shuttle, the solar system or whatever you like
5) start SketchUp by clicking the downloaded model (or start SketchUp and open the model)
6) start the AR plugin by clicking the icon or the Plugin-menu
7)) hold the sheet with the marker in front of your webcam & turn it to see your model.

Now, you need a webcam in order for this to work!

First, for people not familiair with SketchUp, a short video to see what cool stuff you can do with it:

So, what about that AR plug-in?

So this person decided to see how cool he looks with a giant iPhone :-).

You can even make the SketchUp models move with SketchyPhysics:

This is a nice collection of 35 augmented reality applications.

The next step is supposed to be 'cross reality'. A Dutch article about this cross reality can be found here.

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