zondag, maart 15, 2009

Video chat on Mac OSX

I wondered how to set up a video chat on my Mac OSX. To me, it was not obvious how to do that, so i did some Googling. I found that popular Adium isn't supporting videochat (yet), but aMSN and Mercury are. First i read some sites stating you needed an .Mac-account or AIM-account. Since, as far as i know, you don't get a .Mac-account with the purchase of a Mac anymore, and since AIM is not that big in the Netherlands, i wondered why Apple wasn't more open to say MSN and Google chat/G Talk.

But i assumed build-in iChat would be able to use the build-in iSight camera as well. So i ended up at an Apple web page about setting up iChat. Even with that info i could not get a window to open with my contacts. Found out i mis interpreted the info on that status of my accounts: apparantly i was signed out, and starting iChat does not make you sign in. I wish Apple by default would make iChat ask whether you want to sign in, when starting iChat while being signed out (with possibility to disable that feature). I finally figured it out, but it ain't an example of how intuitive everything is supposed to be with Apple / Mac (by the way: there are loads of other non intuitive things on OSX!).

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