zondag, januari 11, 2009

Most important video you will ever see? Growth = Bad!

A friend brought this video to my attention. It's a professor explaining why a very modest growth has huge consequences. And why understanding this, might help us save the world! Really. Don't believe me? Please watch this video! (even if it is only one of the 8 parts per day)

Examples from the video: a growth of the population of only 1% per year means you have twice as many people in only one lifetime. And an inflation of 7% per year means you pay 960 euro in 70 years for what now costs 15 euro. Understanding this, also helps understanding stories in newspapers saying crime has doubled in 10 years (which means 7% growth a year).

The other parts can be viewed by clicking the link below the video.

This friend also pointed me to this Crash Course ('everything you need to know about the economy in the shortest amount of time'): it shows how our current monetary systems works, and what might happen in the next couple of years as a result. This really is another video you want to check out! This is material you normally pay lots of money for in a seminar, or need to read books for taking hours of your time.

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