vrijdag, januari 09, 2009

Augmented Reality & Shopping Assistant

The Android OS based G1 is not yet available in the Netherlands, but a DevCamp was held in Amsterdam yesterday. They showed what the G1 can do, and this Wikitude-example i found cool. This is what you can call augmented reality.

Yuri van Geest interview from Bas van de Haterd on Vimeo.

And the ShopSavvy application is another cool application on the G1!

As a follow up of the Wikitude application: this short video shows how augmented reality is evolving:

In the future, will we be able to know what is 'real'? Just thought of this new camera being launched, improving peoples skin when snapping the picture. While combining of course the ability to only take the photo when you smile. And having the option to make the people appear slimmer.

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