zaterdag, november 22, 2008

Nice image zoomer - Seadragon Livelabs

Microsoft has released some code based on Seadragon, the amazing image manipulation code i blogged about some time ago. But it took my wife, working on a Mac as a professional Joomla webdesigner and webbuilder, a couple of hours to get it running: the Microsoft web pages containing the code are very slow, and it took some searching to piece together the code for the image and the online viewer... But if it runs, you can zoom in and out: try it: mouse over the image and zoom in and out. The higher the resolution of the image you uploaded, the more impressive the zoom.

I hope they make it easier to use (or is it just non Microsoft platforms Microsoft made it harder for?). Basic steps:

- upload an image on the Microsoft Photozoom Livelabs website
- get the image code (visit the album of image you uploaded and copy the 'embed-code'
- get the embedded viewer-code with your image-code
- paste the code on your web page

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