donderdag, oktober 02, 2008

Nice NetBook / small PC

As i'm considering switching from using my car for commute to travelling by train, i'm also looking at how i can work during commute. What laptop/device to use? What mobile data plan? I have to connect to a Citrix environment. It has to have a workable performance. Can i only use Citrix on Windows, or also Windows Mobile, Linux etc? Will the mobile data hardware only work on Windows? Can i use my own 3 year old laptop, or should i get a smaller device (for easy transportation and working in a small crowded train) with more instant-on (not having to wait x minutes before being able to work) kinda performance?

During this, i found this review of the Gigabyte M912M ... Sure looks like a nice device! And while you're at it, check out this Wired comparison of 6 sub notebooks. And while we're at it, i want SSD-advantages as Samsung demonstrates here.

Update December 19th 2008: found this (Dutch) comparison review of 6 netbooks.

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