vrijdag, april 04, 2008

Windows Movie Maker alternative

A friend of mine told me he was ripping streaming audio with WM Recorder (especially video's on Dutch broadcast-sites worked well). As he also used Windows Movie Maker he asked whether i knew of alternatives, and cheaper ones than Adobe Premiere. I told him we used VirtualDub for a lot of video editting, and while checking on current developments i found this comparison of Vdub and Avidemux.

By the way: want to rip (for instance an asf-stream), read how to do it with VideoLan (SDP can be helpful to). Convert asf to for instance wmv: use SUPER. Download ASF: i had some success with GetASFStream. And if you're interested in multi media editting tools, be sure to check out doom9 (don't know why they picked that domain name). And Osalt lists alternatives to a lot of Windows-applications. Want to capture streaming video and looking for utilities: read this post.

And this blogpost sums up some tools to convert video formats.

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