donderdag, april 17, 2008

Nice gadgets & tools

I just read about the following: the OpenPandora DS-sized Linux-based gaming-PC/UMPC etc (estimated price 210 euro) (openpandora site), the 3rd version of the cute Cube MP3 which now is able to play video (but who wants to on that tiny oled screen :-)?) costing 99 dollar, the second version of the OLPC / XO (the XO-2), another Asus eeePC-clone (cheap, but double-check the specs before buying ;-)), this car sun visor with DVD-player and touchscreen for sale for 130 euro and an online photo scrapblog (nice, but just as with the paper-based ones probably takes considerable time and i think you're better off with a printed version (scrapbook might want to implement a print-on-demand feature ;-)).

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