donderdag, april 24, 2008

Arctic melting ... antartic freezing?

I'm intrigued by the global warming discussion, and it in fact is the reason my family is moving from a part of The Netherlands that is below sea-level. We've recently seen ice breaking off. But what to do with this research (Dutch & German): German scientists from the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polair and Marine research (AWI) conducted research from February till April (that's the summer in that part of the world), and they measured the temperature of the deepsea in the antarctic is actually dropping and satellites show the icemass is growing ("the biggest icemass ever recorded in antarctic summer"). This while the past summer on the Arctic was the hottest ever recorded. The team wil continue their research before jumping to conclusions and see whether this drop in temperature is temporary or a trend. (by the way: Der Spiegel, the German publication running the story, publishes pictures of 'melting antarctic beauty' ... confusing guys! Is the ice melting or growing :-)?). Anyway: i know this guy (Richard de Jong) who has a friend that has worked and researched several years in the antarctic, and he's not convinced we can stop worrying about global warming.

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