zondag, maart 09, 2008

We can create new life!

How far have scientists come with building life from scratch? No, not just changing existing life like the mouse with that ear on it's back, or cows with enzyms in their milk to produce hard to make medicine. No, new life, things that never existed on earth. Well, have a look at this short TED (i love TED) video where Craig Venter explains what his team is doing.

I didn't know life can change pretty drastically (but then again i didn't study biology for long ;-)), nor that you can radiate life to death and blow it to smithereens and stitch it back together and boot it up again. Hell, i didn't realize you can put together some chemical structures and jumpstart (i love mr Venter calling it "booting up") it so it starts to actually life... Amazing video. Scarry as well? Wonder what could go wrong ;-)... If our robot-overlords-gone-sour wont't kill us, will new life we created do that :-)? Makes me wonder again whether we are all more than a pile of chemical structures...

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