dinsdag, februari 12, 2008

Buying a DVD greener than downloading it?

This Dutch item states Telecom Italia calculated it's energy consumption: for every 268 mb you download from them, it takes them 1 kWh. So a 700 mb download (DVD in Avi-format to burn it to CD) would cost (them! what about your pc?) 2.6 kWh. That's as much as having your computer run for a week, non-stop! Everybody wanting to be green better stop downloading those movies from the internet and buy the disc (although i have no idea what producing that and transporting it to your home actually costs).

Telecom Italia did the calculation for it's 2006 year end report, and included not only the energy necessary for the actual data down/upload, but also building and maintaining it's factory, the network, heating and energy consumption of it's HQ and the fuel for it's cars. That added up to 2,6 miljard kWh in 2006.

The CO2 production of the IT-industry is already almost as much as that produced by all the planes of the world together, according to Gartner.

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