vrijdag, januari 18, 2008

What is eating up your hard drive?

Lots of people have a growing amount of digital data. Besided needing a good backup (you DO have one, right? And you DO know you should keep really important data on a seperate location, so it's safe in case of like a fire? You mnight want to consider one of those online backup solutions popping up).

Anyway: besides backing up, you also might want to do some cleaning up once and a while. You don't have to if you have enough money (to pay for the increasing cost of backups) and don't care about the environment (as more data eventually means more storage space, often meaning more power).

If you do want to do some cleaning, it might help if you know what is taking up the most space and weed through that first (although many small files might add up to a lot of space and you might want to give that some attention to). Some help:

  • HDGraph is a great way of visualizing what is taking up space (it needs .Net 2.0 to work). JDisk and Treesize are alternatives;
  • you might want to check for duplicate files (Duplicate File Finder is a nice one)
  • don't forget to clean up temporary files, check for software you don't use anymore and uninstall it and check your email (remove big attachments, throw away old mail etc).

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