dinsdag, januari 29, 2008

Seadragon, an iPhone and big screens

Wow is what i thought seeing this Sea Dragon demo (don't stop after the first seconds: TED uses this for TED other jaw-dropping technology-demo's as well (the presentation from Hans Rosling is one i like)). What if you could use that on an iPhone-like device and combine it with some sort of virtual or foldable 'big' screen? Photosynth, mentioned in the demo, can be found here. By the way: that Seadragon-logo looks like the Firefox-logo, or is that just me ;-)?!

Make3D does a nice trick as well, 3d-ing your single picture. It doesn't do all the things of Photosynth, but it does it with only one picture:

PicLens is a firefox plugin giving you photo (Flickr, Google images etc) browsing capabilities that look a little like Seadragon.

Update August 15th 2008: more impressive developments.

Update August 21st: you can now download Photosynth for free and 3D your own pictures.

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