donderdag, januari 03, 2008

Delete bootmenu items

Some updates of Linux-distro Fedora on my multi-boot XP/Fedora laptop add an extra option to my boot-menu: it adds like a new Fedora-version, so i can both boot the old and the new version, i guess. Since i don't do Linux-commands often, i always forget how to remove that extra bootoption, so i document it here :-) :

- start a command-line (called terminal in linux), mostly found somewhere in the menu ;-)
- make yourself admin (su - command)
- switch to the directory (map) with the bootmenu config-file: cd /boot/grub
- edit the config-file: gedit menu.lst
- remove the lines with the oldest fedora-entry
- save the file and exit the editor
- the new boot-menu will be used at the next reboot
- you might want to delete the old fedora-image. In the terminal-session, switch to the directory/map holding those images: cd /boot
- look what'ś there: type ls and press the enter-/return-key
- delete the files with the old Fedora-number: rm (rm = remove = delete)
- exit the terminal-session: exit

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