zondag, december 02, 2007

Linux with built in wmv-support

I love the open source movement, and have Linux on a lot of my machines, mostly in dual boot configurations. I even tried Linux on the PC of my mother; i used Xandros, as i thought that to be a nice and easy distro. But it turned out to have some problems with streaming Windows media.

I guess Linux pro's can solve that, but it took me far to much time. Even the machine i have Fedora on, doesn't support wmv-video. I tried to get it working, read i had to add repositories (had a tough time finding out how), and ran into error messages when i tried to install w32codecs.

So i decided to look and see whether there are any distro's which support common web-stuff like wmv out of the box.

I found PCLinuxOS and (simply)Mepis. I will have a look at them later, but thought to jot that down already. Any tips are welcome :-).

Oh: check out distrowatch for the latest versions, most popular Linux-distro's etc.

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