vrijdag, november 09, 2007

Zeno - 2009 next-gen toy robot

Just ran into info on Zeno, a next-gen robot toy scheduled to be released in 2009. This was the best clip i could find, but it looks liek the developers are going to show us more videos as their work on Zeno progresses. Maybe to many the video doesn't seem to impressive, and of course you wonder how much is real (what is happening outside of the camera, is someone controlling Zeno?). The voice recognition is nice. The facial expressions are nice. Zeno is taking some step, but still needs to be supported while doing that. There have been lots of walking robots, but not in the $300-space where Zeno is projected.

But Pleo is first to the market. It doesn't have voice recognition. And in all the vid's i have seen, it hardly moves forward, but it looks nice :-).

That's why i bought this first model of the Sony Aibo: i believe we will see a lot of robotics the next couple of years, and the first models will be worth some money, i hope ;-). This video shows many real robots, and i love Asimo, the white astronaut-kind of robot.

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