zaterdag, november 03, 2007

PS3 or Xbox360?

Every time i'm close to a store where they sell either the Xbox360 or PS3, i have this urge to walk in. Both consoles have awesome looking games:

. has this nice Xbox360-pack where you get 3 top games with the console. That made me look into the consoles again. What are the models currently sold, what are the differences. And then you read about this upcoming 65nm technology, make the consoles both cheaper, operate at a lower temp, and thus needing less cooling and being quieter (Sony confirmed the 40GB-model incorporates 65nm technology). I also wondered why these next-gen consoles don't work as a PVR: it only needs an (optional?) tuner. I guess the consoles have enough power and harddrive capacity to act as a PVR?! There are rumors, in both camps.

(update feb 2008: Sony has launched PlayTV in the UK, see vid below, very cool, as you're able to control your PS3 over the internet via a PSP, and watch (even live tv) video... play some games)

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Also about IP TV (TV over the internet). Should i wait for the next models, consuming maybe a third less energy? Or is this just the tech-typical-if-you-want-to-wait-for-the-next-model-you-can-wait-forever deadlock? Then i saw this cool video of the PS3 eye-toy. And some great screenshots... Though choice, but i still think my favorite next-gen console (apart from the Wii, which i do have and love but graphically is no match to the Xbox360 and PS3) is the PS3, the 40GB-model!

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