donderdag, oktober 11, 2007

The last couple of days i received 2 e-mails that appeared to come from eBay and PayPal but turned out to be phishing emails. The first email tried to lure me into thinking someone was shipping me some eBay-item and hoping i would try to click a link to cancel this ("Question about Item -- Respond Now ... Your item was mailed today and confirmation number is..."). The second lured me into thinking i bought an iPod through my PayPal-account, hoping i would try to cancel (text: "This email confirms that you have paid xxx $yyy.yy USD using PayPal. ... Dispute Transaction"). The emails contained data from an actual/existing auction at eBay (i checked, not by clicking a link in the email, but by manually going to eBay and enter the auction-number). When i hovered over the links in the emails, i noticed they where non-eBay-URLs. I found the phishing attempt rather clever, as the messages almost made me click links.

I reported the emails to eBay and Paypal, and received links to sites where you can test how smart you are about recognizing phishing. Have a go at the test at eBay and/or Paypal! Also have a look at the info at How Stuff Works.

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