dinsdag, februari 06, 2007

For our next holiday i'm looking for a device to store my digital photo's/offload photoos from the digital camera. I have been looking around and found all sorts of funny stuff. I for instance hadn't heard of Rockbox, an open source mp3/pmp os that runs on the iPod as well as others like the Archos devices and iRiver.

Than i ran into being able to run Linux from your Creative Zen. And i ran into http://www.anythingbutipod.com/ which is a great site when you're looking for mp3-players etc. I also found this Zune, iPod, Creative Zen Vision comparison, which makes me wonder whether i should go for the ever beautifull iPod (but isn't this end of life by now?) or the more functional and open Zen...

The media player comparison wiki is great to :-). Or this article where they show and compare some iPod Nano alternatives (more info on the iPod? Look at this item at Wikipedia).

I appreciate anybodys advice on the matter :-).

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